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Bill Brogan

President and Chief Executive Officer

Veteran, family man, dog whisperer. Bill launched InSPIRE in 2010 after 20+ years in the US Air Force. He's as well-versed in satellite acquisition, launch, and operations as he is in raising daughters and training puppies.
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Paul Adams

Chief Operating Officer & VP, DoD Programs

Colorado local, father, traveler. Paul's expertise in space systems and operations management is rivaled only by his knowledge of the Colorado backcountry.
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Max Gimelshteyn

Chief Technology Officer & VP, Intelligence Programs

Officer (ret), extrovert, tinkerer. Max's 20+ years as a program manager, engineer, and acquisitions lead gives him plenty of stories to share. But he'd rather talk about his homemade computer.
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Employee Spotlight

Thomas Balk, Program Manager / Technical Advisor

Husband, father, grandfather, retired Army Intelligence Analyst. Currently in my program manager function I do budget planning, financial tracking, and oversight of funding allocation. When I’m done doing my program manager function, I like to give back to the community and volunteer with Aging Resources. This helps older members of our community to stay in their homes longer. I like giving back to the community however my great passion is being out in the yard with my family working on the perfect yard and growing beautiful flowers.

What drew you to work for InSPIRE?

After retiring from the Army, I went to work for a small company. This company environment was like a family. When this company was purchased by a large company, I felt like a number. When I talked with InSPIRE about this position and the company that family feeling came back.

What motivates you?

Within InSPIRE it is the feeling of pride and the sense of accomplishment.

How I see InSPIRE’s culture.

InSPIRE leadership acknowledge and thanks employees for their efforts and contributions. They let team members know that good work is truly important, and that good workers are valued and appreciated. We work hard, play hard, and celebrate achievement.

What keeps me with InSPIRE?

The driving force for me to stay with InSPIRE is the people I work with day in and out. I believe InSPIRE leadership focus on understanding the message our company members and others send to them. InSPIRE leadership demonstrate by their listening behaviors that they care what you, and others, think, feel, and have to say.

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