InSPIRE Corporation is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business empowering national security space customers with outstanding systems engineering, program management, contracting, and operations support.

We understand what your mission needs to succeed
Exquisite industry knowledge
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Deep experience across the full space system lifecycle
Top-tier talent at your service
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Structured for responsiveness, flexibility, and value
Customer-first philosophy
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Proven Experts Doing Meaningful Work

We’re picky when it comes to people. Our hand-picked experts have deep experience across the entire Department of Defense and Intelligence Community space portfolio and understand what it takes to make overhead missions a success. We’ve delivered vital contributions to sensitive operations, collection management, on-orbit testing, space systems acquisition, program execution, space launch, and systems engineering. Most of our team has served in the military and understands firsthand how the data and intelligence derived from our space systems impacts our national security and informs decision-makers from the tactical field commander to the highest echelons of government. Good people doing meaningful work is the foundation of our success. And yours.

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A Different Kind of Philosophy

We’re more Tetris than Pac-Man. Our corporate philosophy focuses on fitting-in exactly how customers need us–versus running around trying to gobble-up anything we see. This approach lets us put talent to work immediately and helps keep our overhead costs from bloating, which lets us deliver better financial value and flexible teaming arrangements to our customers. It also helps us provide world-class benefits to our employees, whose customer-focused ethos is the heartbeat of our company. Our right-fit philosophy empowers our employees to deliver value and earn the trust of their customer and teammates every day. After all, people precision is as important as engineering precision.

Continuous Inspiration

The InSPIRE Story From My Perspective
Bill Brogan, CEO

Back in 2010 I found myself at a crossroads. I was four years out of uniform and still working a great mission. My heart was in it, but I wasn’t sure if my employer’s heart was anymore. That company had grown, and I was feeling more like a number and less like Bill. I’d always toyed with the idea of starting my own company, and maybe this was the universe’s way of telling me the time was right. Channeling my inner Robert Frost, I decided to take the road less traveled.

In 2010, InSPIRE Corporation was born with the support of Brenda, my spouse. Being the only employee had its perks. As both CEO and employee, leadership definitely knew my name and about my work. HR questions were addressed and answered by a person (also me). In short, everything I found impersonal about a large corporation fell away and I could settle company matters just by talking to myself. It was, however, a little lonely at company gatherings. I began to wonder if this small company feel could successfully scale. Could a company grow in numbers and scope but stay true to its values of integrity, customer services, and family feel? I’d soon find out.

Paul Adams joined InSPIRE in 2015, literally doubling the size of our full time workforce. I’d worked with Paul when he was in uniform so I was confident we would mesh professionally. Later that year I took stock of where InSPIRE was culturally. Family feel? Check. Customer focused? Check. Great people doing meaningful work? Check.

We grew exponentially in 2017 with the addition of nine new teammates and have grown steadily but selectively ever since. As we’ve grown, we’ve adapted to better suit our employees and our customers. Speed bumps in the road exist to make you slow down and think about where you’re going. We hit a few along the way–but kept rolling forward. Max Gimelshteyn joined as our third owner in 2018. Like Paul, I’d worked with Max when he was an Air Force Officer and was excited to welcome him to the InSPIRE family after his retirement. While we’ve grown, I keep performing that same cultural gut check I did after Paul was aboard. I’m happy with the results, and I believe our employees are too. After all, the feedback loop between employee and CEO remains pretty direct.

Our customer focus remains intact, too–in fact, it’s still at the core of our business. Even as CEO I’m integrated into my customer organization and working alongside InSPIRE and other teammates. Every day I’m inspired by the ideas, expertise, perspectives, and insights they bring to our defense and intelligence customers. As we continue to evolve and grow as a company, it will never be at the detriment of our values. We will always focus on our customers and our employees–it’s the only way I know how to stay InSPIREd!

Not a One-Trick Pony

All our employees buy into our customer-first approach, but the skills we bring are diverse. Our team includes experts in technical integration advisory services for space and ground systems, program and project management, systems engineering and integration, space systems operation, contract management, IT integration, business process management, and strategic communication and organization development. We are primed and ready to support customers across the IC, DoD, and the entire national security team.

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